Etymology of Ain’t

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used to be an’t
which comes from
am not as in                               I ain’t you
but also is not as in                 He ain’t me
& also have not as in              I ain’t been
and don’t wanna be

Ain’t is a state of that which is not
Ain’t is a state in the American South
Ain’t country, ain’t hip-hop
Ain’t nappy, ain’t cornrows, ain’t dreadlocks
Ain’t ignores dress codes       no shoes, no socks
Ain’t wears no drawers           don’t own any

Ain’t ain’t never apologized for being
Ain’t never been apologetic
Some say ain’t no future in ain’t
& ain’t ain’t what it used to be
but where ain’t is, is ain’t
Ain’t ain’t metaphysical?

Is you is or is you ain’t? I ain’t         no haint
Ain’t never been three-fifths            of nothing
Ain’t trying to be no more than       I am
I is whole
Before I was born                                  I was all

They placed ain’t’s tombstone        between ‘tis and ‘twas
But ain’t stands defiantly                   as don’t and won’t
Tar & feather me                                    burn me down
I ain’t supposed to be here

But I is